How To Hack Facebook Account 2016
How To Hack Facebook Account 2016

How To Hack Facebook Account 2018 : Facebook being number one social networking site is today used by all the people of different ages. People usually sent their personal and secret messages over this social networking site. Therefore this site has become hackers utmost priority. After hacking victim’s account all of their information can be use in wrong way. In this post we will tell you some of the common methods that are used by hackers to hack the facebook account.


We are not promoting hacking here, our main motive is to aware people about hacking techniques so that people could prevent themselves from being hacked !!


How To Hack Facebook Account 2018

How To Hack Facebook Account 2016
How To Hack Facebook Account 2018

These methods are used by hackers to hack facebook account. Check Out Below methods on How To Hack Facebook Account  and how to secure them from hacker in 2017.

#1 Keyloggers

Keylogger is a program that can records each stroke on the keyboard that a user makes. It is one of the easiest method to hack facebook account. The software has to be manually downloaded and installed into victim’s computer. After that the software runs in computer background undetected. The various file logs are sent directly to hacker’s email address.

#2 Phishing

The other very common and trending way to hack facebook account is phishing. It is a difficult way. Its popular type is creating a fake login page. In this a fake  login page is created which is hosted by the hacker on its own server. Whenever the victim enters his id and password on that spoofed page the information directly goes to the hacker. This method requires high level of skills and is not for newbies.

#3 Session Hijacking or cookie stealing

It is exploitation of valid computer session. It is very dangerous. In this the hacker steals the cookies of a browser that usually contain all the information related to passwords and emails or all details of what a user has done on that browser. It usually works if the users are on same wifi network and are browsing HTTP site.

#4 Hardware hacking

It is only possible if a user is having an physical access to your system. After having access user can easily insert physical keyloggers or can insert USB which will automatically extract all the passwords that are saved on the computer.

#5 Social engineering

This method mainly emphasis on fooling the victims. People with goodconvincingg power use these types of attacks. In this a hacker sends a fake email which is very convincing and appealing and asks users for their passwords. They can also befool users by showing some offers.

#6 Hacking Primary Email

If a hacker gets access to your primary email that you are using with facebook then he can easily hack your facebook password by using forgot password trick. Hacker will simply request facebook to send the password to primary email address and will ask them to send an password reset email to primary email address which is already hacked by hacker thus gaining access to your facebook account.

#7 Tabnapping

This is a new hacking technique in which phishing attack is used along with tab napping. In this hacker inserts a script in its website or blog and whenever anyone visits his website for reading articles, watch any video or play game, when user goto another tab which contain website like facebook then its page will automatically be redricted to fake login page of facebook. When user enter its information it gets hacked.

#8 Stealers

Stealers are the softwares which access or steal the passwords that are stored in the browsers. Many people save their passwords in their browsers just for saving their time to enter passwords on social sites giving stealers a good chance to steal their passwords from browsers and hack their facebook.

#9 Bruteforce

Bruteforce attack is an attack in which every possible combination of letters, numbers , special characters is tested until the password is matched. Bruteforce attack takes very long time depending on the complexity of password or speed of computer.

#10 Guessing

This may seems silly but it is a very effective and quick method to hack facebook id within seconds. It is mainly done when the victim is well known by the hacker and hacker is aware of all his information.

These were some of the common methods that are used by the hackers to gain access to facebook account. User must take countermeasures to prevent themselves from being hacked.

How To Secure Facebook Account In 2018

  • Use a good antivirus system in your system.
  • Don’t click on any page which you are not sure about.
  • Never save your passwords in your browsers
  • Turn on your computer firewall.
  • Don’t lend your computer to any stranger , if you have to keep an eye on them.
  • Use strong passwords that are mixed with alphabets,numbers and special characters.
  • Don’t use public WiFi.
  • Never click on any suspecious Email.


So, guys this is all about on How To Hack Facebook Account 2018. The main motive of this post is to aware you from the methods with which your facebook account can be hacked. If you follows above preventive measures then I am sure that you can easily prevent your account from being hacked by any hacker. Thanks for reading this post and if you are having any doubts please mention in comment section. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends !!


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