Why Using Subdomains on Your Website and Blog Is a Bad Idea

Maintaining a blog where they can provide useful material for their visitors and customers is one of the finest things businesses can do to enhance their SEO results. A blog may be advantageous for every business, even those who may not believe they can provide material on their goods.

Knowing how to implement it into your website for the greatest outcomes is the challenge.

There has historically been debate over the significance of subdomains and how they affect search engine results since how your website is set up matters in SEO Services in India.

While adding a blog, it is preferable to use a subfolder, also known as a subdirectory, even if there are situations when using a subdomain on a website is advised.

So, what exactly is a subdomain and how does it differ?

An example of a subdomain’s URL might be www.blog.yourdomain.com.

You would set up a subdirectory like this: www.yourdomain.com/blog.

At first glance, it seems to be a little distinction, yet it has a significant impact.

The blog is integrated into the primary domain using a subdomain. Any SEO work you perform on it might impact the main domain since it behaves like another page on a website.

Google hasn’t added anything to the discussion. Their official stance hasn’t changed since John Mueller made their most current declaration in this video in December 2017. He claims that employing subdomains as opposed to subfolders is acceptable. He adds that learning how to crawl both independently can take a few days.

The fact that they are crawled individually is crucial here.

Crawling Treats a Blog on a Subdomain as a Different Site

It is crucial to comprehend that content and links are the two key elements that affect SEO results in order to further break this down.

A blog offers helpful material to website users, boosting the authority of a domain. Well-written content automatically attracts inbound links, which also helps with results.

Since subdomains are crawled independently, having material and links on a subdomain that is distinct from the main site leads to a division of their results and authority.

According to Google, displaying it separately won’t get you in trouble, but it also won’t help. By merging the findings, properly integrating your blog and website. So they count toward the primary domain and can assist enhance traffic, rankings, and earnings.

Do Subdomains Ever Have a Place?

Not that utilizing a subdomain is necessarily a negative thing, mind you. There are times when using a subdomain is advantageous or even preferable. For various audiences and languages, it may be simpler to structure pages or website versions.

The secret is to use them effectively as different sites.

Companies that operate in numerous nations and have websites in various languages or charge varying pricing depending on the region might serve as an illustration of this. Because they are considered different websites while remaining linked to the primary domain, separating them through subdomains may be quite successful. Subdomains may be useful if you want to build a blog in many different languages.

A Shopify site that requires the usage of subdomains is another excellent example. Because it keeps their blog distinct from the eCommerce portion of the company. Some businesses opt to utilize a subdomain with eCommerce.

Google treats subdomains and SEO results differently, so you should too. Each subdomain should be treated as a different website by the marketing department of your organization. Which calls for having separate strategies for link development and local optimization.

Recommendation from Us

A fantastic technique to improve your SEO outcomes is to include a blog in your business plan and fill it with relevant, high-quality material. It’s something we often advise. For maximum advantage, keep the excellent material together and concentrate on driving visitors to the primary domain.

Our advice is to avoid subdomains and keep everything on a single main domain with subfolders. It’s possible that a site is set up this way since subdomains function easier for web designers to build on certain servers and older websites than subfolders. It may be time to obtain a new website if that’s the case.

Although transitioning from a subdomain to a subfolder setup might be difficult, it is worthwhile.

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